“The Temple of the Body in the World” serves as a meeting place, where Archetypes, Stories and Myth intersect with Relationship and the rich inner and outer layers of Intimacy with and through the Body.

I am Michaela Boehm, author, teacher and internationally acclaimed expert in all things embodiment, relationships and the wild erotic (you can scroll down for a more comprehensive introduction). 

The opening lines of my book “The Wild Woman’s Way” inspired a mission statement of sorts for this publication:

This book is first and foremost my passionate love letter to the body: an invitation for each of us to remember the innate wisdom of our bodies—not our looks, or our various shapes and sizes, but the living, feeling body as a portal to unlocking who we truly are.

Our body genius is a premiere decision-making tool, a navigation device extraordinaire, an agent of release and healing, a wisdom-carrier of deep insight, and a holder of secrets and mysteries.

“The Body in the World” is my term for the entirely natural and yet subversive act of allowing our bodily genius - that primal navigation system, the proverbial canary in the coalmine of transgressed boundaries and the giver of great pleasure, bounty and unfailing intuition - a seat at the table of our increasingly busy existence.

Beyond the in itself miraculous treasure trove of embodiment, there is an entire universe of connected explorations, which can inform how we understand ourselves in our life and how we interact with those around us.

Myth, story, fairy tales, archetypes, flavors (more on those in a post soon), ancestral wisdom, the teachings of nature and the inspiration of beauty can serve as fertile support when we want to deepen our expression and understanding as a human in this world. 

I call it “The Temple” because a temple is considered a sacred space of reverence, devotion and ritual - and in this context it is an invitation to make the ordinary sacred and the sacred a part of daily life.

I’m a big believer that ecstatic experience can be found in the most simple, even mundane moments, available through and brought to life by the rituals we always already engage in as humans. 

By connecting the dots between daily life as it unfolds and the power of the archetypal collective human experience we can find ever deepening insight and inspiration.

My wish is that these posts serve as breadcrumbs on the path into your inner landscapes.

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For now I am keeping all content free, as this is meant to be a fun, experimental place where I - and with that you - can explore adjunct materials to my regular teaching content. 

We’ve started the “The Temple of the Body in the World” podcast which will feature stories, poems and lecture excerpts from my archetype classes and whatever else excites me within this context.

At a later time I would like to offer a subscription based book club, community forum and “advice column”, but for now I’m simply looking forward to meandering down garden paths and diving into rabbit holes with you.

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A few biographical details

Hi! I’m Michaela. Born and raised in Austria, I now travel and teach internationally as an expert in intimacy, relationship and sexuality. Over the past 25 years I have created a unique body of work that centers around the intersection of intimacy and embodiment.

With an extensive (30,000 plus hours) in-person counseling background, in-depth clinical experience in trauma and addiction and an innovative somatic approach, my work has been highlighted in international print publications, TV programs and online talk shows.

Most recently my work is featured in the 6-part Netflix Show “Sex, Love & goop” , which I co-hosted with Gwyneth Paltrow. You can also read more about what I do in the “Surrender” chapter of Will Smith’s bestselling memoir ‘Will’.

I’m the creator of The Non-Linear Movement Method®, a somatic release modality which utilizes principles of trauma therapy, polyvagal theory and movement for nervous system regulation. The method is now taught internationally by certified instructors.

My book “The Wild Woman’s Way” was published by Simon & Schuster in August 2018.

My early Jungian training inspired an enduring love of stories and myth, both as a means of therapeutic support and as a portal into deeper embodiment.

During the pandemic I created a yearlong program “12 Facets of the Feminine” and later “12 Facets of Union” in which we are weaving together archetypes, stories and embodiment practices to allow each archetype to inform and integrate into personal expression and relationships.

When I’m not traveling to teach my events, I live on an organic farm in California where I spend my free time gardening and rehabilitating rescue animals. I’m a passionate tea drinker, an avid collector of tea cups and a proud mother of many dogs.

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“The Temple" serves as a meeting place, where Archetypes, Stories and Myth intersect with Relationship and the rich inner and outer layers of Intimacy with and through the Body.


Michaela's unique body of work centers on the intersection of intimacy and embodiment. She is the Author of “The Wild Woman’s Way” and the founder of The Non-Linear Movement Method®, a powerful somatic release modality.