Oh wow!! I LOVE the story of the hunter and the fox woman. So powerful!

I have 2 favourite lines: "I will be the woman of this hut" and "To this day, the hunter stands, lonely in his whole body, at the entrance of the hut, for the scent of the fox woman". I felt his longing in my whole body hearing that.

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I've really been looking forward to the “55 Flavors of The Feminine” practice card deck!

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There's much to love about the story of the Hunter and the Fox Woman. But there is also much to regret about what inevitably happens.

So the Fox Woman says "I will be woman of this hut." and her fur gives off a "strong, regal scent." So her scent "gets into the mind of the Hunter, gets into the clothes of the hunter, it gets into everything." "There's just one thing," the Hunter says, asking her to leave outside the door of the hut the very essence of who she is.

And when Fox Woman is gone. When her pelt is gone. When her scent is gone, "the Hunter stands lonely in his whole body at the entrance of the hut for the scent of the Fox Woman."

So yes, as Martin Shaw says, "Somewhere in history we have exiled the Fox Woman." Some of us have willingly left our pelts "outside the door."

And yet, regrettably, there are attempts to sing across the snow to the Fox woman, to call her back.

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