It is such a privilege to reach this stage. Everything will be lost and here I am surrounded by things that are not yet taken from me! The gratitude is immense ❤️ The older I get the more I also feel my ancestors around me like a warm cloak surrounding me with comforting strength. I was not aware of them like this when I was younger.

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I'm 30 and in my day to day life in the city, there is little connection to wise women.

Interestingly, I've been craving wise women in my life in a lot over the last few weeks and had fascinating occurrences like a 60+ year old women playing the handpan drum in the park and teaching me afterwards for 30 mins. Or group of 55 - 75 year old women in my neighbourhood searching for a new yoga teacher for their existing group. While I don't have capacity to commit to offering regular movement classes right now, I offered a sound bath with my alchemy crystal singing bowls during advent season.

I love how life is pouring the wisdom of these women into my life right now, a time when I am needing it the most.

Your post is balm for the soul, Michaela, as always! Danke!

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